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We love delivering stunning renovations to the homes in the leafy, classic suburb of Grange

The Inner Northern suburb of Grange is known for its stunning greenery and classic houses, which is why we love bringing our renovating services there. 

The Grange is popular amongst families and professionals, because of its central location. It’s close to a number of schools and only 5km away from the CBD, but the leafy area doesn’t feel like an inner-city suburb. Filled with great cafes and parks, it’s almost an escape from the bustling city, perfect for those who want to be close to their work whilst having a quiet home to come to. Plus, with a bikeway and busway so nearby, you can easily travel around Brisbane. 

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Renovating your Grange Character Home

With the number of classic Queenslanders in the area, it can almost feel like travelling back in time. However, as beautiful as these homes are, they may start to show their age. This is where our services can help. We understand how important it is to maintain the character of these heritage listed homes, so we ensure that we breathe new life into the houses without compromising their appearance. With our many years of experience, we have developed the skills and knowledge to conduct high-quality renovations whilst remaining within the rules and regulations that surround heritage-listed homes.

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Grange is a popular suburb for families. As our lives grow and change, we may notice that our once perfect home is starting to become too small or no longer serving us as it used to. Instead of trying to find a new home, why not renovate? Our renovation services range from small bathroom renovations to large extensions and reformatting. These renovations can make a world of difference when it comes to creating the perfect home for you and your family.

Not only can we transform the interior of your home, but we can also deliver stunning and spacious outdoor areas. Whether you are seeking a verandah or a deck, we can create the perfect exterior space for you. We understand that everyone’s lifestyles are different, especially in a diverse suburb like Grange, where people of all ages can be found. Perhaps you are wanting a spacious deck to entertain guests and catch the sunset over the green parks? Or maybe you’d prefer a small verandah to read a book and be surrounded by your garden? Or you might want something in between that everyone in the family can enjoy? We have been building decks and verandahs in Brisbane for years, so we understand how to create a great space for you to enjoy. 

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Amazing Builds aim to be as accurate as possible during the quoting process, so we will go into all the details of the plans and requirements to ensure that we give you an accurate quote. Our expert team will give you all the guidance and help you need throughout your renovation project. Contact our team today to discuss your Grange home renovation. 

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