Increased Living Space with Seamless Style


The goal of this modern house extension was to create a separate living area for a family struggling with space issues. The dark, exposed brick wall created a stunning feature that gives an air of distinction. We counteracted this darkness with two massive skylights and extremely large windows that allow an abundance of natural light to enter the room.

The glass double doors open up to the backyard without cutting into the grassy play areas for the kids. House extensions, such as this one, are all about finding the perfect neutral tones to match darker features and create a feeling of spaciousness. The beige walls match the beautifully patterned tiles, making the spots where the walls and floor meet melt into each other.

This family was able to design a room with their own house extension ideas, making an addition that feels as though it’s always been there. If you’re interested in adding an extension onto your existing home, speak to Amazing Builds about your goals and save yourself the money of a new home build. We’ll work with you to achieve your dream results in minimal time.