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Townhouses and Split Blocks in Brisbane

Amazing Builds is highly experienced at working with a range of multi-dwelling homes. We thoroughly enjoy working closely with developers and architects to create timeless work that is sought after and profitable for all parties, including the eventual homeowner.

Our custom house builders will deliver exceptional townhouses and split block developments in any style, whether you prefer classic or contemporary aesthetics. Our past projects include townhouses, dual-living properties, duplexes and villas.

By working closely with our clients and suppliers, we endeavour to bring your investment to its fullest potential. Amazing Builds’ excellent reputation can be credited to direct and ongoing communication, adaptability to design modifications, and extensive quality control.

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Building Townhouses

With townhouses, the major challenges for developers come from securing the complete amount of funding. It is very important to be sure that the houses will sell or be rented easily, meaning choosing the right suburb and making the most of/sticking to a budget is crucial.

At Amazing Builds, our accurate quoting system means you won’t be caught by surprise at any stage in the project. We can offer advice every step of the way and ensure your budget is stretched to its highest ability. Feel free to contact our custom builders for design inspiration or guidance.


The Lucrative Split Block

Split blocks are straight forward; you take an existing block of land and split it, whether it’s in half or as a subdivision of some kind, in order to place another property on it. This is a great way to make the most of large pieces of land. These builds can have the appearance of two completely separate dwellings, or they can be designed to complement each other.

The challenges of building split blocks include navigating sloping ground, matching infrastructure such as guttering on either side, avoiding any disturbance to neighbouring properties, and ensuring water and electricity can be accessed easily by the new block.

Why Choose Amazing Builds?

Problems that arise from a lack of knowledge can be avoided by using experienced builders with a network of high-quality, reliable tradespeople. Amazing Builds has worked on complicated dual-living properties in the past and we can be your greatest resource for navigating this difficult strain of development.

When building townhouses and split-block developments, we understand that this is a large investment. That’s why we take pride in knowing the eventual owner will have a beautiful, well-built home.

The QBCC have some really helpful resources that are free to the public. As QBCC Members we highly recommend taking advantage or their resources and advice when building. Check the link below for QBCC Facts for home builders.

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Key steps in a new home build

Knowing where to start can really prevent time and budgets blowouts in the building and renovation process.  If you are yet to approach an architect or draftsman we can refer you to highly skilled designers we’ve worked with and show you examples of what we’ve achieved together in the past. If your already in talks with a designer, or about to approach one, then ensure you have following information to ensure plans are possible and time frames are meet.


Every property falls into area classification zones and each zone has different rules about what you can do with your property.  When planning your property renovation, check out your zone first to see if any of your ideas won’t be permitted.


Smaller lots or ground space have different planning and developing rules so ensure you check if your property size is deemed smaller than standard as you will need to consider this in the planning phase.


Demolition Control Precincts are scattered across Brisbane protecting areas with houses that were built prior to 1947.  These are often referred to as character homes.  Approval to demolish or renovate homes in these areas, must be sought.


The City Plans and State Government’s Heritage Register have similar criteria and both need to be checked if your property is heritage listed. Heritage listed properties are protected and any renovation or development plans need to be approved before building.  These approvals are separate to building approvals.


Neighbourhood plans are a tool to manage changes within Brisbane’s suburbs, accommodate growth and better protect valued environments at a local level. Some Neighbourhood Plans contain extra rules about new development and these rules need to be sought out prior to planning submissions.


If your property has other development constraints such as a waterway corridor, a patch of native bushland or an overland water flow path, specific developmental plans will need to be in place to accommodate these.