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Welcome to Amazing Builds,
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Amazing Builds are your full-service builders in Brisbane. We provide all the services you need for any type of residential building on any scale. We deliver top-quality workmanship that stands the test of time.

Extensions and Renovations

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The Australian dream has changed somewhat for many prospective homeowners.  With an increasingly competitive market and growing house prices, numerous people are looking to renovate to get their dream home. You may wish to add an extension to your existing home either to cater to new needs or to increase the value of your property. This can range from adding an extra bedroom or bath, or adding an entire new level.


amazing builds Heritage renovations Brisbane

Brisbane’s rich collection of heritage-listed homes is steeped in history. If your property is heritage listed, we know how to renovate while honouring its original form and fabric, in accordance with heritage regulations set out by the council. We specialise in renovations of the fabulous old heritage Queenslanders, giving them a new lease of life. Talk to our licensed team to find out how we can help you with your heritage renovation.your home


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Amazing Build specialises in new Queenslander builds.  Our licensed tradies will ensure that we create a home to perfectly suit the climate and weather conditions. Our new Queenslander homes have classic appeal with modern benefits. We are able to take all design and engineering concepts into consideration in every project. Ask us about a new home and we’ll give you all of the expert support you need to make your dream home come true.

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The Amazing Builds team Provides Expert, High-Quality Workmanship

Creating Beautiful Homes that Surpass Expectation

With an eye for precision detail, the team at Amazing Build produce breathtaking new homes, renovations and heritage renovations that make them the preferred homebuilder all over Brisbane. Our focus is on aesthetics, spatial dynamics, comfort, orientation and customer satisfaction.
We also deliver expert standards of workmanship that are second to none. Our building professionals have 40 years of experience in all types of building projects. When you engage Amazing Builds for your project, expect only the very highest quality of work.

Begin with or without plans

Whether you already have an architect or just an idea, we can work with you to achieve your dream home

Meet with a past client

We are happy to arrange meetings with our past clients so you can be assured of the quality work ahead

We secure approvals & meet regulations

Building approvals and heritage registers can be daunting processes but we take the hassle out of these

Quality home builders Brisbane

With 40 year + experience and a desire to build each home as though it was our own sets our quality apart

We are a tight team of building experts

Together we undertakethe most demanding projects



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