Creating Harmony in the Home


The goal in this kitchen renovation project was to link the indoor and outdoor areas while increasing bench space and functionality. A U-shape kitchen can often take up too much space and cut sections of the house off from each other; however, this design focused on opening up the home. The kitchen design idea, in this case, was to turn the common areas into linked entertainment areas.

To achieve our goal, we installed benches with a clean, seamless design to create the illusion of space. We also took advantage of the beautiful backyard view with large windows, meaning the homeowner could spend time cooking without being locked away from guests and family. The extremely high-quality, Miele appliances were placed on top of each other at the entrance to reduce interruption to the clean white benches, drawers, and cupboards.

If you’re looking to create a functional space that maximises the home’s natural light, gain kitchen renovation inspiration from this successful refurbishment. Speak to Amazing Builds about your kitchen design ideas and we’ll turn your common areas into a space you can be proud to show off.