Bathroom Renovations for Opening a Small Space


The use of white brick walls and simple, modern fixtures has opened this space up to become a haven of natural light. This bathroom renovation project included the choice of contrasting, dark-grey floor tiles to truly emphasise the minimalist design of the room.

Small bathrooms often feel cramped, claustrophobic and impossible to keep clean, which is why introducing a spotless design with stunning white walls can create the illusion of space. As you can see in this modern bathroom design, installing a large storage area where towels and amenities can be hidden really works to declutter a small room.

If you don’t have very much room to work with, speak to Amazing Builds about your bathroom design ideas and we will find a way to revitalise your commonly used areas. In our experience, it’s the simplest ideas that yield the best results so using high-quality tiles with neutral colours can transform the way you interact with your home.